What makes ESSENTIAL FOODS different?

Why choose ESSENTIAL FOODS food for your pet?

The ESSENTIAL FOODS company, which makes one of the top quality dog ​​and cat foods in the world, has an ambitious mission - to improve and extend the lives of dogs and cats. To dare to make such a goal public and for it to succeed, it is very important what is in the feed. The raw materials and feed composition of the recipes meet the natural nutritional needs of dogs and cats. In addition to the fact that your dog and cat get everything they need from their food in the right proportion, the raw materials are of the highest quality. 

ESSENTIAL FOODS wants to take responsibility for quality raw materials used in the preparation of feed. All raw materials are naturally GMO-free, raw materials are purchased as close as possible to the place of production. ESSENTIAL FOODS wants the raw materials to be not only high-quality ingredients suitable for food consumption, but the raw materials only use culms from healthy animals. Raw materials are supplied from carefully selected farms that have undergone quality checks and audits. The duck, lamb, deer and fish used in the food are free-range animals, and the chicken and eggs are also free-range. Over 90% of the feed produced in Lancashire, UK is made from locally sourced, responsibly sourced ingredients.

The ESSENTIAL FOODS food production plant can be classified as one of the best dog and cat food production plants in the world. Carbon dioxide emissions generated in production are compensated by planting trees and managing nature reserves. Processing of waste generated during production and water treatment takes place on site.

In addition to dried raw materials, many fresh ingredients are also used in the preparation of meals. With the help of cooking methods, the nutritional value of these fresh ingredients remains at the highest level in the finished meal. After mixing the raw materials, the feed is compressed under pressure. After pressing, the feed is cooked at a maximum temperature of 90 degrees. The feed is packaged immediately after preparation. Production is monitored step by step, continuously.

ESSENTIAL FOODS invests a huge amount of work in charity programs. Through various organizations, ESSENTIAL FOODS provides essential support in various areas, e.g. For endangered rainforest animals in Asia, rhinos in Africa and street dogs in Spain. The goal is to donate a total of 150,000 euros to various charities each year, either as monetary donations or as food aid, e.g. European street dog organizations, shelters.

We are proud to be able to provide EESENTIAL FOODS the highest quality meals for Latvian dogs and cats. ESSENTIAL FOODS has already hit the shelves of many retailers. If your local store or veterinary clinic does not yet carry ESSENTIAL FOODS, please let them and/or us know and we will be happy to work with you.