About us

Our site is made because we love animals. In true care for them, we want to see them healthy and happy. To realize this, our four-legged friends, like us, need high-quality, balanced food rich in valuable nutrients. That's why we offer only carefully selected feed from animal food manufacturers. All dry food, preserves and treats that you will find in our offer are made from high-quality, carefully selected ingredients and the products used in them are suitable for human consumption. 

Our extensive experience and knowledge accumulated over twenty years, working with breed, service, as well as non-breed dogs and cats, allows us to distinguish and choose only the best offer from a wide range of animal feed manufacturers. We are happy to offer your four-legged friends quality super-premium and premium-class nutrition only from manufacturers that adhere to high quality standards. For those who pay a lot of attention to the composition of the feed and use only high-quality raw materials that are certified and suitable for human consumption. The manufacturers of the feeds we offer pay a lot of attention to the ratio of phosphorus and calcium, nutritional value, the origin and ratio of proteins and proteins, vitamin composition, adding the much-needed glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as valuable omega fatty acids. The production process does not depart from a carefully thought-out recipe developed jointly with veterinarians, the main goal of which is to not use flavor enhancers and dyes, not to lose the natural aroma and valuable nutrients and vitamins during the processing process. 

Our animal-loving team will be happy to advise and help you choose the right food for your pet. 

Come and shop safely, because your friend deserves the best in the specialized online store for dogs and cats Zorro.lv